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Who's Who in St. Patrick's PS

Meet the staff at our school.

We are happy to help you in any way we can!


Mrs D Cahalane ~ Principal


Mr C Colhoun ~ Vice Principal / Year 4


Mrs M Torres ~ Year 1


Mrs M Quinn ~ Year 2 Teacher



Mrs E Logan ~ Year 3 Teacher (Job Share)


Mrs A McGuinness ~ Year 3 (Job Share)

Learning support


Miss C Mckillion ~ Year 4 Teacher


Mr P Harte ~ Year 5 Teacher


Mrs C Herron / Mr T Gormley ~ Year 6 Teacher


Mrs R Ferguson ~ Year 7 Teacher


Mr ~ Mandarin Teacher




Mrs M Moore ~ Secretary


Mr A Breen ~ I.T. Technician


Mrs P Murphy ~ Foundation Learning Assistant


Mrs R Duffin ~ Foundation Learning Assistant / After Schools


Mrs P Falls ~ Learning Assistant / Breakfast Club


Miss S Rafferty ~ Learning Assistant

Mrs J Quinn ~ Learning Assistant / Dining Supervisor

Miss F Quinn ~ Learning Assistant

Ms J Lagan ~ Caretaker


Ms K Gliniecka ~ Cleaner


Ms M Ogorek ~ Cleaner


Mrs A Hughes ~ School Crossing Patrol / Dining Supervisor


Mrs K Mc Geary ~ Dining Supervisor



Mrs T Hegarty ~ Dining Attendant


Mrs C Lennon ~ Dining Attendant


Mrs M Mulgrew ~ Dining Attendant


Mrs P Molloy ~ Cook