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Mr Colhoun's Christmas Tree


Fr Moore, the Colhoun and McAliskey families, boys and girls, mummies, daddies and staff all attended the switching on of Mr Colhoun's Christmas tree lights.


St. Patrick's P.S. were blessed having Christopher Colhoun for a short time in our school. When he left ~ he didn’t just leave an impression, he left a legacy ~ with the children he taught and the staff he worked alongside.


We wanted to do something in memory of our dear friend and teacher ~and as Christopher was Mr Celebration ~ whether a birthday or Christmas ~ we though it fitting to plant a Christmas tree and adorn it with lights, as a physical reminder of his legacy.


Christopher’s Christmas tree will be lit up each year on his birthday, November 20, and it will remain lit until January 8.


The help and support Mrs Cahalane received over the last few weeks have been amazing from parents, staff and friends of the school. 

She thanked a few people in particular.


Christy Colhoun, Christopher’s Daddy, for choosing the tree from Pomeroy Forest, as it strengthened our bond with Christopher’s home town. The little tree will grow each year with the children in our school and with Christopher’s own princesses ~ Grace and Beth.


Julie Lagan and Ann Hughes who dug the hole and helped plant the tree.


Julie Quinn, Marisa Torres and Malachy Hetherington for helping source and collect the materials and a big thanks to Marisa’s Daddy & Sean McCaul for building the surround.


Sarah Rafferty and her boyfriend, Barry who brought the magic ~ the light ~ to Christopher’s tree.


Catherine Herron & Sarah for their continued support of the Year 5 class and for preparing them for today.


Two of Mr Colhoun’s Minions ~ Cara & Sean ~ read the beautiful prayer composed by the Year 5 children.


Mrs Cahalane read a poem which was composed especially.


Christopher ~ Our Angel in Heaven

The sadness never goes away,

our silent tears still flow.

Christopher you’re thought of, and missed,

more than you’ll ever know.


But now ~ you’re with the angels

safe and sound in Heaven above.

We hold on to the memories

and treasure them with love.


Yet special times, like birthdays,

often make us wonder why

God took you from our school

it was too soon, to say goodbye.


But our memories are precious,

they will last a lifetime through

We know that God has chosen you

to be his Angel too.


The occasion was enhanced when the school's Traditional Group, led by Cara McElvogue, performed a poignant piece.


Lisa, Beth and Grace switched on their Daddy’s Christmas lights, then Fr Moore said a few words on behalf of the family.


Christopher's family, Fr. Moore, parents and staff enjoyed the refreshments which were beautifully prepared by our members of our Parent Support Group.