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Switching on Mr Colhoun's Christmas Lights

Today is Mr Colhoun's 35th birthday. To mark his birthday and to keep his memory alive Mr Colhoun's wife, children and family came to school to switch the lights on his Christmas tree. These lights will shine bright until January 08.

Light A Candle

light a candle,

see it glow,

watch it dance,

when you feel low,

think of Christopher,

think of light,

he’ll always be here,

day or night,

a candle flickers,

out of sight,

but in your heart,

he’ll still burn bright,

think not of sadness,

that he’s not near,

think of gladness,

and joyous cheer,

he has not left,

he has not gone,

he is here to stay

for his little ones,

so ~ when you light a candle

and you see it glow

and you watch it dance

in your heart you will know

that he would never leave you

even when you feel so blue

he is sitting up in heaven

and he is watching over you